“Take off your clothes”

An old black jacket, one of my mom’s shirts and ballerina shoes, those were the best clothes I had as I was heading to the first place to visit. My legs were weak since the minute I walked out of the house holding a folder with a few copies of my CV. I left the bus again at Calle 45 Station and started heading to the address I had on a paper, my search started in a 7 story building. I thought I was in the wrong place, I walked up stairs and saw many offices, lawyers, accountants, just regular businesses but on the fifth floor was a cam girl studio, hidden of course.

I knocked on the door and a beautiful girl wearing yoga pants greeted me, she told me to come in and introduced me to the owner, a woman around 40 years old, she took my CV, stared at me from head to toe and told the girl that opened the door to show me around. The place was nice, they had beautiful rooms for each girl, it smelled nice and had some art work on the walls. I felt comfortable, while the girl showed me around I asked -“do you do this too?”- she said yes. -“how much money you make?”- she told me a number around $2’000,000 COP a month (around $720) which is pretty good for Colombia. -“how much money can I make if I’m just starting?”- I remember having so many questions, but all she said was –“your income is completely up to you”-.

She showed me a big white board where they write down how much money each girl makes per day and explained that they have daily competitions to see who is making the most. The idea of competition freaked me out, -“I can’t do this, it’s too much pressure”- I thought, I thanked them and went to the next place, I left shaking a little bit, thinking that the job wasn’t gonna be easy, I wasn’t as pretty as the girls working there.

I started walking to the second place, located next to a big University, it was a weekday and the street was crowded with people around my age. Since the minute I turned around the corner to get there I felt anxious, –“she’s heading to that studio”- I thought everyone was thinking, but I was already there and wanted to get in the house as soon as possible. I rang the bell and an attractive man opened, he was about 6’2 with the perfect tan and fitness body I never asked his age, but I think he was in his late 30’s  –“it can’t be here”- I thought, I felt so insecure and nervous. He smiled and said –“Hello, how can I help you?”– I stared at him for a few seconds and said -“We spoke earlier on the phone yesterday, I’m here for the interview”-. He asked me to come in, it was a small house with 4 rooms, we went to his office, a small desk under the stairs in the middle of a camming room and a small bathroom. I was shaking and stared at him pretending to be confident, I needed to feel like I was still in control, but I wasn’t, I just walked inside a house of a stranger possibly to do porn stuff and nobody knew where I was and no one else was in the house. #WTF!!??

Everything going on was intimidating, he seemed very serious, asked a few questions, how old I was, why do I want to do this job and if I’ve ever been naked in front of a camera. He took my ID and took some pictures of my face, a woman came in the house with shopping bags, he introduced me to her, it was his wife and I started feeling more comfortable, she was a very beautiful and kind woman. They gave me a tour of the house, showed me the 3 rooms available to work in, explained the work hours and told me if everything gets authorized by the site I could start working in 2 days.

His wife told me to come the next Thursday to take some pictures for my webpage, she asked if I had some lingerie or sexy underwear I could bring with me, –“you’re going to need it”- she said. Besides the weirdness of everything I felt good, I was comfortable in that place. When I left I was wondering if the people outside knew what was going on in that small house, if they were whispering to each other –“look, she’s one of those naked girls on the internet”- but I had a huge smile on my face and for a minute I stopped caring.

After that I went home and told my mom I got a job at a call center again, that I could pay for University because this time I was getting paid by commission so I would be making good money. Happiness & peace were in my head, I couldn’t wait for Thursday.

A red set of lingerie was all I had, no sexy panties, no seducing clothes just one thing. When Thursday finally came I got to the studio early in the morning, the wife of my boss (by the way, he specifically suggested I refer to him as boss the day of the interview) told me to get changed in the bathroom and wear some makeup to look seductive. I was nervous, I’ve always been insecure about my body and now I was getting photographed in lingerie by a woman I just met. She told me to smile, told me I was pretty and reminded me many times to relax. After a small photo session she told me to come to the room where the girls work, there was an old computer a webcam a red couch and a lamp, the room was small but I was excited. She handled me a paper to have a guide about english because… yeah! I had very little knowledge of English when I got into this camming world, I could barely say “hi, thank you, please & good bye”. 

She turned the computer on and told me I was already looking sexy so I better start straight away. I had no idea what to do or what was going on, I was terrified, things were happening too quick. She opened the MyFreeCams Broadcaster, and got me online before I knew how the page worked. I saw myself on the screen, I was ONLINE! without any training about how the software worked, without knowing the rules, knowing NADA basically.

She hid from the camera but she was there with me in the room, people were typing in the chatroom, but I couldn’t understand a word, suddenly a guy tipped me 150 Tokens, my first ever tip. I wasn’t quiet sure about how much that was so I looked at her and asked –“what do I do?”- she smiled and said –“take off your clothes”- as she walked out and closed the door, I officially got left to figure things out on my own.


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